Business for Makeup Artists

After Makeup School, What Next?

You know you’ve got talent, but how to break into the biz? There’s no easy answer – those of us who’ve done it have usually learned to do it the hard way, making a gazillion mistakes along the way.

I’m working on ways to share what I know, so that YOU can have it easier. This could take the form of classes/workshops, PDF ebooks, or even scheduled, live events.

My first offering is a simple – but effective – checklist for you to make sure that the photographers you’re shooting with are the ones whose talents match your own. So that even at the very beginning of your career, you can find the photographers with the most potential to help YOU.

This checklist could save you hundreds of hours shooting with photographers who aren’t right for you or your work. And right now you can get it for 50% off – use the code ARTIST to get it for only $10.